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Vintage collection

Yesterday’s look… With tomorrow’s technology.
Experience once more motor racing’s golden age

From the 1950s to the end of the 1980s, auto racing produced its greatest "golden" years, when racers were risking their lives with very basic safety protection...
Since then, safety has kept evolving and progressing, reducing the causes and consequences of accidents.
Today, vintage historic races are seeing a revival of these great years, bringing back to life authentic and exceptional cars that are the witnesses of a racing spirit that has since changed.
To help you in your quest to recreate this racing authenticity, Stand 21 offers a wide range of equipment with a vintage "look", that may feature your personalization and car colors, while using the latest materials and manufacturing technology complying with the latest FIA, SFI, and SNELL SA standards.

  • Helmets

    A whole range of classic-looking helmets, made of the latest technology.

  • Homologated suits

    Vintage look with top-of-the-art technology: a whole range of suits with pre-defined classic designs or totally to your colours!

  • Leisure suits

    Stock or special order suits with vintage look for your leisure drives or static events.
    Non-FIA homologated.

  • Gloves

    The new generation vintage gloves!

  • Boots

    Stylish and comfortable