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Heat Stress Control pants underwear

FIA 8856-2000 and SFI 3.3 HOMOLOGATED
(SFI label upon request only - extra cost)
For unmatched breathability
While stocks last

To be really efficient, the heat drained out by the underwear must not be trapped by the racing suit; thus it is crucial to have a breathable racing suit as well.

Slow down core temperature increasing Aramid fabric Hand made Perspiration Stretchable
Technical data

- 190 gr/m2 emerized and 190 gr/m2 double-sided highly airy fabric
- Adjusted cut
- Sizes: XS-S-M-L-XL-XXL and XXXL (extra-fee for XXL and XXXL sizes)
- Colors: white and natural white
- FIA 8856-2000 and SFI 3.3 homologated

Additional information

XXL and XXXL sizes are $182.00