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100% special manufacturing from 10 pieces only (Men/women sizes taken into account)!
Dress your team with your own design!

Copyrighted - please click for more information Special design Hand made Embroidering available
Available colors for this design:
Navy blue (twill cotton) Royal blue (twill cotton) Green (twill cotton) Yellow (twill cotton) Beige (twill cotton) Orange (twill cotton) Red (twill cotton) Black (twill cotton) Light grey (twill cotton) White (twill or Oxford cotton) Light blue (Oxford cotton) Denim blue
Technical data

- Short or long sleeves
- 100% twill cotton, aerated Oxford or Denim
- Men sizes: from XXS to XXXL
- Women sizes: from S to XL
- Chest pocket
- To your colors with a 200 piece-minimum order
Delivery time:
- From 10 to 200 pieces: from 3 to 5 weeks
- Over 200 pieces: from 5 to 6 weeks