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Amazing breathable and looking fabric with only 2 layers for a lighter racing suit

A racing suit which helps transfer body heat.
Test it while we are trackside and feel the difference! (Depending on the availability of our test racing suits)

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Copyrighted - please click for more information Special design Made-to-measure Slow down core temperature increasing Aramid fabric Hand made Embroidering available 2 layers Perspiration
Colours available for the design:
Red Orange Yellow Lime green 368C Grass green 347C Light green 3278C Vintage blue Royal blue Sunset blue Navy blue Black Grey Silver White Natural white
Technical data

- FIA 8856-2000 & SFI 3.2A Level 5 homologated (SFI patch on demand when ordering with additional fee)
- Exclusive aramid fabric!
- 2 layers
- Lycra/aramid floating sleeves
- Pre-formed sleeves
- Tailored pockets
- Anti-injury inner-belt
- A lot of options available
- Custom colors available with a 100 suit-minimum order (extra cost, contact us)

Additional information

Base suit price standard size: $1,850

Please call (714) 966-1007 for quote on additional suit options including custom design and made-to-measure fit.