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Racing suits

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HSC racing suits, a mark of excellence
The medical and scientific research
in the Stand 21 Heat Stress Control has afforded Stand 21 a strong lead in manufacturing products that help alleviate the risks of excessive body heat while racing.
To that end, Stand 21’s R&D has designed a full range of exclusive HSC-engineered truly breathable racing suits.
The HSC racing-suit line is designed for drivers requiring optimum performance and comfort while retaining the most advanced personal-protection technology.
Made-to-measure, they use the thinnest and lightest construction for all racing requirements:
- 2 layers to exceed the FIA 8856-2000 and SFI 3.2-A Level 5
- 5 layers to exceed SFI 3.2-A Level 15 and SFI 3.2-A Level 20
- Exclusive pAIRformance® stretchable fabric (for some of
our products)
- Innovative cooling options
- Full customization service
- Stand 21’s experience and technology for a perfect fit and finish