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Sustainable development

Stand 21 a safety company for a safer Environment

Since its commencement, Stand 21 committed to reach the best quality and this in all its business areas, and that of course includes our environment. That is why Stand 21 axiom is: We stand for Safety and Quality.

Product’s Sustainability values

Stand 21 products are manufactured with the policy of maximizing each product life cycle. A suit, a helmet or a Stand 21 glove can be used by a driver 2 to 3 times longer than other brands similar products. This concern for quality has always been motivated to our customer satisfaction goal and to ensure that our clients will enjoy their equipment as long as possible, and Stand 21 does not "waste" materials and energy used in the manufacturing of our products.

On order Manufacturing
Process For a long time now, Stand 21 operates basically on real time order processing. That reflects on our Products sustainability by avoiding unnecessary excess inventory, by manufacturing more than 90% of our suits made to measure process, Stand 21 does not maintain any racing suits inventory, and by this fact will not have any obsolete inventory thus efficiently and maximizing the use of resources in its manufacturing process.

Optimized production
Throughout the years, Stand 21 optimized its production tools and process. That minimizes the loss of energy and matter in its manufacturing process. For example today we have an extremely reduced resin loss for the manufacturing of our helmets. As for the manufacturing of our suits, the tiny fabric scraps left over are recycled in the manufacturing of fire retardant walls. This is the result of the Stand 21 pledge to make sure that all of its business process follow the guide line of environmental protection, as an example, our fire retardant fabrics are certified “Confidence in Textiles”.

Environment concerns in the Manufacturing process
Stand 21 does not use materials needlessly or that are known to have harmful components. A large part of the packaging is reused on a daily basis, like the covers for the HANS®, shoes, helmets etc. Our packaging boxes (cardboard, components including) are made of recycled and/or recyclable materials (PEFC label). Our printed materials (manuals, catalogues, etc.) are printed almost exclusively by companies that follow our recycling beliefs.