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This word has been in the center of my business ethics from the beginnings of my Company in 1970.
It permeates through every facet of our business.
When in an economic downturn,
the true value of quality becomes priceless.
If there is a subject that is present at all times, it is that of safety education, as there is so much left unfinished, and the future offers so much opportunities. It is that education that my new “Racing Goes Safer” foundation wants to address, one that is gathering more interest and participation from so many different interests each passing day.
They discover during our conferences,
the value of our mission to promote greater safety.
Upon observation, it is clear today that automobile racing is reaching new generations and a wider variety of disciplines, with racers constantly traveling across the planet to drive one day in a GT race in Fuji, the following week in a streamliner at Bonneville, two months later in an off-road machine in a Southern American Baja, then to Goodwood in a vintage machine or in some regional rally in Jordan...
Regardless of which racing classes you prefer, live and breathe
a sport that is so dear to us and brings us so much.